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I came to Obsidian Fitness at a time when my body and mind needed it most. I was stagnating after having already lost 100 pounds and needing to lose another 50 just to get to a healthy BMI. ObsidianFitness was critical to me losing another 25 pounds, of what I consider hard pounds and weight to lose! Lacey and her team of top athletic instructors gave my body the perfect workout to mix up what was becoming a stagnant routine. The obsidian board makes exercise fun, but it is efficient so a just a quick workout gets long-lasting results. The weight lifting, strength training and pure cardio classes were fun and efficient. I got in and out in an hour but week after week I saw the number on the scale go down without having to workout hours a day. I enjoyed Lacey’s personal coaching style and her recommendations. She was spot on in her advice for health, nutrition and mental plateaus, helping my overall journey feel directed. I love Lacey, her team and the ObsidianFitness gym. It’s a place that feels like home.

Thanks ObsidianFitness!

Alissa Owen

Lost 125 lbs, Mom of 4

After spending nearly a decade pursuing a career in medicine I achieved my goal of becoming a young physician. The only problem was that I didn’t feel young. I felt tired and exhausted. With some encouragement from my wife I decided to join “her gym.” At first I was skeptical, another benefit of a career in medicine about joining a gym…but Obsidian Fitness wasn’t like other gyms I’d joined before. I jumped into an 6 week challenge and the weight started to melt away but more importantly I had more energy. At the core of my new work regimen was Obsidian, a total body work out like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Now after nearly 6 months of working out at Obsidian Fitness and doing Obsidian twice a week I’m in the best shape of my life and continually challenged by the work outs. The staff is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive. I would recommend Obsidian Fitness to my friends, family and patients. If you want your life and health back then get to Obsidian Fitness and take it back.

The weight started to melt away

I love to exercise.. I always have, but after getting married several years ago life became focused on a career, then kids, I didn’t make exercise and health a priority. I went through two rounds of In Vitro for my two oldest children and the hormones did not help with my weight. I have never been a big person so I really struggled when I was having a difficult time losing the baby weight. I lost some weight after my second child with tracking my diet and I started taking step classes at Obsidian Fitness but I was not as committed as I should have been and the weight loss was short lived. We were surprised with a third child 2 years ago and I decided after he was born I needed to refocus on myself and my health. Obsidian has not only helped me lose the baby weight but my body has changed, I am in better physical shape than I have been since college. My husband, family and friends have been very supportive. I now take time every week to attend 4-5 Obsidian or studio classes. I just finished the Holiday challenge and lost 20 lbs and 18 inches. I have never felt better, my body is strong and I am a better wife and mother. Obsidian works, it is now part of my life and routine – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

lost 18 inches, 20 pounds

s a 52-year-old postmenopausal woman I lost 19.4 pounds and 27 inches in the 2015 Obsidian Challenge. Combining three sessions a week and carefully following the provided nutrition guidelines the pounds and inches steadily came off. It was thrilling! Knowledgeable and encouraging instructors lead classes on a new low impact head to toe workout each week. There was no boredom in the warm up, balance moves, core work, cardio sprints on the slide board or compound movements with weights. Variety is the spice of life and you get a generous portion each session and a great sweat! I could literally feel myself becoming more lean and strong from week to week even though I would often step onto the carpet to do an optional move utilizing good form. Age is not a factor for success. Obsidian is the best thing that I did for myself in 2015 and I recommend it to anyone looking for better health of body and mind.
Thank you Lacey and the Obsidian Fitness team. Your studio is a positive and empowering place and it has changed my life.

lost 27 inches, 19.5 pounds

I LOVED my experience with obsidian fitness! Sara was the most positive, encouraging, fun trainer and she kicked…my… butt!! Every session was different and tailored to my level and my personal goals. I was never bored and actually looked forward to working out…and that’s saying a lot. Thank you so much Sara for making me stronger. ♥️ -Devany


I have been a client of Obsidian Fitness for awhile & I already knew I loved their program. But their response to the COVID-19 outbreak now has me a client for life! The staff at Obsidian Fitness has been doing everything in their power to keep their clients healthy & active. They could have easily shut their doors, put a sign up that said they were closed & waited it out. But that’s not what Obsidian Fitness is about! They set up LIVE workouts where you can interact with the instructor so it’s just like you’re there & offer a recording if you can’t make the live time. The workouts have options to use household items instead of weights so anyone can workout without missing out. They put together a tailor made fitness challenge for stay at home orders just to keep you accountable & active during a very, very difficult time. The staff checks in on you regularly & truly cares about what this time at home has been like for you. Being a part of the Obsidian Fitness family during the lockdown has saved my mental state & my waistline. The biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart to ALL the staff at Obsidian Fitness for caring so much about me. I can’t recommend them enough!


I have been a member at Obisidian for about 8 years. I honestly cannot imagine my life without it. Lacey, the owner & creator of Obsidian, has created and continues to create outstanding workouts, as well as a wonderful environment to workout in. The workouts are designed to push you, even though you can modify any move at anytime. However, in pushing yourself during these workouts, you find that you get stronger and stronger. It’s exciting and motivating to feel your body get fit. The workouts are also fun and change weekly so you never tire of them. I also love the environment at Obsidian. The instructors are top notch, professional, friendly and fun. I feel safe and welcome with all the individuals who work out there. Many of them have become dear friends, and we have such a great time as we workout together. If you haven’t tried it, come see what I’m talking about.


DASH is a really, really great fitness studio. I started working out here about 4 years ago. I was nervous about being extremely overweight and feeling intimidated or that I didn’t belong. The instructors and staff were the opposite of what I expected at a small gym. They were welcoming and supportive, and it felt like they were working with me to achieve my fitness goals. I started with modified Obsidian class workouts and ended up losing over 100 pounds after a year. The Obsidian workout is honestly the most effective workout I’ve ever done. I would recommend it to anybody (any age, any weight, any fitness level, any gender). It will transform your body.


Great classes with instructors that want you to succeed in your goals…and no judgement

My personal trainer from Obsidian Fitness Studios provided me with the motivation which I previously lacked. I must say its a wonderful feeling and I now feel more fit than ever.

Obsidian has been my go to gym for over 7 years!! They have the best instructors and classes. When I need to get my rear in gear, I can always count on Obsidian!

I was worried about being overweight, but Obsidian Fitness Studios made me feel so good that I hardly ever imagined. I lost weight fast and my body was back in shape in minimum time and effort. Loved everything about them and I am not leaving anytime soon. My body feels great and I feel great. A big Thank You!

So this place seems to be very popular with women which at first made me feel a little weird showing up as a guy. However, I have to say that their exclusive Obsidian workout they offer is tougher than ANY workout I did playing high school soccer or football. Everyone was very professional and nice. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a tough workout without the intimidation factor you feel in most gyms.

Once you walk in the door, you know you’re with professionals who are competent, fun and caring. AND they know how to give you the workout of your life! I challenge anyone to find a more total body workout than Obsidian-and it’s different every class. Now available online with live video streaming classes for those days when 6AM is just too early. . .

Obsidian Fitness has the greatest instructors and the most fabulous members! The facility is clean and very modern, making the classes very enjoyable. The atmosphere of Obsidian is extremely inviting while the members and instructors help push and motivate eachother to reach their fitness goals. Their Obsidian class has totally challenged and changed my body in the best way possible. I’ve never done a workout like Obsidian before, but the best part of it is that I can actually see and feel the results. All of the classes they offer are great and provide incredible workouts. BodyCombat, BodyPump, Zumba, Step, Obsidian and more – you can’t go wrong with any of these. I encourage all of you to to try Obsidian out of it you haven’t, you will love it!

I love the Obsidian program. I have exercised all my life, but Obsidian works my core better than any program I have tried. I also like the lateral work in Obsidian. Other programs work your body on the forward and backward plane, but Obsidian provides a workout on the lateral plain and keeps my legs and knees strong. I will be 72 this year and plan to workout at Obsidian as long as I am able.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Strange way to start a review:

I have Hashimoto’s, PCOS, Sleep Apnea, & a heart condition. All of these things mess with my hormones &, amongst other symptoms, make it incredibly easy to gain weight & really difficult to lose weight. I’ve tried everything. Many different styles of working out, visited nutritionists, have eaten Keto, vegan, GF, DF, all sorts of elimination diets.

Nothing has really worked with weight loss. I don’t mind being plus size, but having extra weight is a health risk & impacts my fertility. These are my main concerns with wanting to be a healthy weight.

I’ve been training at Obsidian for a month with a PT. I’ve lost weight & am feeling really strong. All of the staff are professional, supportive, kind & motivating (esp my PT). I’ve never once felt out of place for my size, which I know can be really important for plus size people when going to a gym.

It’s such good value for money in comparison to other personal trainers I’ve tried. PLUS I am seeing results. In a pandemic, over the holiday season.

They also take precautions with COVID-19 that make me feel comfortable visiting. Maintaining distance, wearing masks when possible, temperature checks, frequent disinfection of items.


I have been going to Dash for over 2 years now. It’s the only gym I have been to that I truly love and look forward to working out. I never thought I would feel like I fit in at a gym but the instructors and members are great. The instructors are really knowledgeable and help me to have correct form, work through injuries and offer nutritional advice. They even have weight loss challenges that are fun and they work! I’ve lost 40lbs at Dash. I love the classes from Combat to Pump to Obsidian to the Combo classes and their personal training. I love the individual attention and the kick butt classes that are super fun


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