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Personal Training

Did you know…?

You are 10 x’s more likely to get results being accountable to a trainer.

Did you know…?

Nutrition is one of the key factors in getting the results you want.

Here’s why:

Accountability and programming to help you reach your fitness goals. Your trainer will help you stay motivated and cheer you on every step of the way.

When you invest in a personal trainer you’re much more likely to overcome objections and make excuses.

Eliminate all of the confusing messages surrounding fitness…fad diets, cardio or strength training? Your trainer will break this down for you removing guesswork so you can get to work crushing your goals.

Big gyms can be overwhelming and group classes can be intimidating. Working with a trainer can give you the confidence to work out on your own and attend classes because you will know how to use the equipment and have proper form to yield the best results.

Never hit another plateau! We also specialize in helping women between 35-65 experiencing post-baby, pre-menopause, menopause, thyroid, PCOS and a host of other hormonal imbalances that have adversely affected their ability to lose weight. There is nothing worse than trying everything and not seeing results. We have worked with thousands of women over the years, and nothing is more rewarding then seeing tears of joy as they not only lose weight that has been with them for years, but as they have new -found confidence!

Avoid injuries or rehabilitate from an injury. Working with a trainer is imperative in ensuring proper form not only to avoid injury, but to get results. We take great care to first do a posture analysis so we can identify muscles that are weak, and muscles that are overcompensating. We also have certified corrective exercise specialists to safely help you recover post-injury so you can get back to doing the things you love faster and stronger.

Sports performance enhancement. We specialize in helping High School and College athletes excel in their sport. Personal training is the best way to increase strength, power, speed, agility and quickness. This type of training is also incredibly effective if you’re looking to do a 5K, improve your golf game or have more power with your racket– our trainers will create a plan specific to those needs.



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Live strong. Live long. This is our trainer Pat Nygren’s motto. Yes, she is 72 and still one of our most popular trainers. “Losing fat with Pat” has been a favorite phrase at Obsidian® Fitness for years. She is an inspiration to clients of all ages as she practices what she preaches. Pat has been known to do military style push-ups and often says, “if Grandma can do it, you can do it!” She recently had a double knee replacement and is making records with her recovery! Fitness is the secret to aging well. Maybe you are not able to do exercises you once were, or maybe you no longer feel comfortable going to the gym. Our goal is to adjust your program so that you do not plateau, but continue to increase in strength and functionality.

If you have medical conditions with your Doctor’s approval, and appropriate precautions, we will provide you a safe and effective exercise experience. 

Finally, it’s FUN! Your trainer will become a dear friend, cheerleader and confidante. Our clients are like family. We immensely enjoy helping our clients reach their fitness goals and being a life coach for them. Semi-private and small group training always adds to the fun as well!

Why wait? Call or email us today so we can pair you with the trainer that best meets your individual needs, goals and budget.

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