It’s a New Year and we cannot wait to award our Holiday Obsidian Challenge Winners! Our winners are: DRUMROLL PLEASE!

1st Place goes to….Heidi Kettle! She lost 12.4 pounds, 13.25 inches and her total percentage of weight loss was 10.22%! Heidi has been a long-time client of ours. She has been trusting us with her fitness needs for almost 12 years! She does the Holiday Challenge every year to keep her on point during one of the most stressful, indulging, busy times of the year. Heidi was awarded $445! WELL DONE HEIDI!!

2nd Place we have Jenny Gelwix! Jenny lost 16.8 pounds, 11.25 inches and 8.88% total weight loss! Jenny has been personal training with her sister Sara for 11+ years! She has done our last few challenges and continues to get closer and closer to her ultimate goal! We are so proud of you Jenny! She was awarded $250!

In 3rd place we have Jenn Brewer!! Jenn also has been a client since we opened our doors! This year was especially challenging for her with multiple obstacles personally, yet she persevered and managed to lose 13.25 inches! She is going to continue doing our “add-on” program as she loves the accountability and encouragement. Jenn took home $150 as well as a $125 Fika Infusion gift card, $20 Albion gift card, our favorite amino acids, ankle band and our TRANSFORM tank top (total value $200 in prizes)!

Big CONGRATS to these ladies for their DETERMINATION, ATTITUDE, STRENGTH AND HEART! We are so thrilled for all of your efforts and LOVE seeing your results! You were STRONGER THAN ANY EXCUSE! (Yes, these 3 also got their $50 back for reaching their personal GOAL)!

Honorable mentions:
Amy Boyack lost 15.3 pounds
Matt Maxwell lost 13.3 pounds
Cheryl Thorup lost 12.9 pounds
Stacia Hoecherl lost 11.1 pounds and now fits into her dream leggings!
Melissa Reily (joining us for live classes and Video on Demand from Montana) lost 10.2 pounds, but more importantly, as a busy Doctor reached a personal goal she has been working toward for almost a decade!

Fun fact: Jenny and Jenn, our 2nd and 3rd place winners are both teachers in the Granite School District! We are so thankful for all of our teachers and were happy to see them both stick with their goals despite their added stress and workload this year.

PS…total weight lost this challenge among the participants…a whopping 174.2 pounds!! INCREDIBLE!

Total inches lost: 155! Way to go Obsidian FAM!

Interested in doing the challenge?
Call: 801-486-1122
Email: info@obsidianfitness.com
Yes, you can do the challenge from anywhere in the world! We do offer virtual classes as well as video on demand which you can check out here: www.ondemand.obsidianfitness.com
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