Whether you purchased your Obsidian Slide Board on QVC, Amazon, our website, OR you own a different Slide Board, but don’t live in the greater Salt Lake area, you’re in luck! You can participate in our VIRTUAL CLASSES which will feel like you are actually there!! You can sign up from our website with a package or pass and participate LIVE, or we can send you the video to workout anytime, anywhere! Grab your Pro Board or your portable board and get to work! Don’t forget, we have our Video- On -Demand option as well! Go to: ondemand.obsidianfitness.com to access over 40 workouts ranging in duration, focus, and intensity! Trial offers available to help you get started!
Email: info@obsidianfitness.com
Obsidian Slide Board Workouts On Demand: visit ondemand.obsidianfitness.com
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